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People – SDG’s 1,2,3,4,5

People – Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) 1- 5

Addressing SDG 1 – No Poverty

Photos above show work done to address SDG1 No Poverty.

Gift Bags for Women’s Aid Refuge!

First photo  ~ SI Dunfermline members with gift bags for Women’s Aid Refuge for children to give to their mothers at Christmas.

New Start for homeless people!

Second, third and fourth photos ~ SI Dunfermline members delivering Starter Kits to Segal House Homeless Unit. The kits will be given to residents on transfer to new accommodation.

To learn more about SI Dunfermline click here.

Sorting Pre-loved Clothes for Needy Children, Edinburgh!

Fifth photo ~ SI Edinburgh members working at the charity “Kids Love Clothes” sorting pre-loved children’s clothes, ready to be given to children in need.

To learn more about SI Edinburgh click here

Bags for Women’s Aid!

Sixth photo ~ SI Kirkintilloch with filled bags for Women’s Aid.  To find out more about Women’s Aid in East Dunbartonshire click here.

To learn more about SI Kirkintilloch click here.

Toilet Bags for SOHTIS!

Seventh photo ~ SI Dunfermline’s donation of filled Toilet Bags to Survivors of Human Trafficking in Scotland (SOHTIS), New Hostel, Edinburgh.

Blankets for the Homeless!

Eighth photo – SI Dunfermline members with Knitted Blankets for Segal House  Homeless Unit. Ninth photo ~ SI Dunfermline’s colourful Knitted Blankets.

Supporting local care leavers!

Tenth photo ~ SI Falkirk supporting local care leavers with donations.

To find out more about SI Falkirk click here.

Baby Blankets for Hospital!

Eleventh photo ~ SI Kirkcaldy members donating Baby Blankets to hospital.

To find out more about SI Kirkcaldy click here.

Assistance for Children in Scotland!

Twelfth photo ~ Abby from Aberlour Children’s Charity with SI Dunfermline President Marian.  Abby gave a talk to SI Dunfermline 9 06 2022 and received a donation of £50.00 to assist with the work of helping children in Scotland to thrive.

To learn more about the work of Aberlour click here .

 Addressing SDG3 – Good Health and Well Being:

Photos above show examples of work done to address SDG3 Good Health and Well Being.

First and second photos ~ used bras and new pants for Smalls for All; to find out more click here . Third photo ~ knitted hats x45 for  Sailors Society; to find out more click here.

Fourth photo ~ SI Hamilton helping the world to see; used spectacles x63; local optician accepts for use in developing world.  Fifth photo ~ SI Glasgow City members enjoying Afternoon Tea in aid of the Teapot Trust; to find out more click here. Sixth photo ~ shows SI Kirkintilloch members holding a Book Sale in aid of Save the Children; to find out more click here.

Knitted Hippos for Dementia Friends Training in schools!

Seventh photo ~ shows some of the 200+ hippos knitted by SI Dunfermline members, used in Dementia Friends Training in schools.

Living with Early Onset Dementia.

Eighth photo ~ Fife S.T.A.N.D. Group ~ (Striving Towards A New Day). 13 09 2020 SI Dunfermline members attended Launch of DVD made by Irene, Gerry and Fiona, in which they share their amazing journey so far living with early onset dementia.

Walking to raise Funds!

Ninth Photo ~ SI Kirkintilloch member Maggie and husband completed 100 mile walk for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, May 2021. Almost £1000 was raised.

Walking for Good Health and Wellbeing!

Tenth Photo ~ SI Kirkcaldy members enjoying a walk on a beach in Leven 15 11 2021.

Eleventh Photo ~ SI Kirkcaldy members enjoying a walk in Aberdour on a sunny day, admiring the many snowdrops as they went.

Collecting for Marie Curie!

Twelfth Collage Photo ~ SI Glasgow City members collecting for Marie Curie 16 03 2022.

Donations for Smalls for All!

Thirteenth Photo ~ SI Dunfermline member Fiona holding a box of underwear for Smalls for All, donated by guests at her Jubilee Party 5 06 2022.

Photos below show examples of work done to address SDG4 Quality Education:

Books for Better World Books!

First and second photos each show used books x9 donated to Better World Books, by SI Hamilton; to find out more click here.

Unwanted Jewellery raises funds!

Third photo ~ shows jewellery collected by SI Hamilton members. The jewellery will be recycled to raise money for the SIGBI Diamond Education Grant (DEG).  

To find out more about the SIGBI Diamond Education Grant click here.

Back Packs for Mary’s Meals!

Fourth photo ~ Mary’s Meals collection van in Hamilton;  fifth photo ~ Mary’s Meals staff  with van ready to uplift back packs; sixth photo ~ seven SI Hamilton members handing over 36 back packs to Mary’s Meals staff.

Seventh, Eighth and Ninth photos show uplift of 117 Back Packs for Mary’s Meals from SI Falkirk.  Well done SI Falkirk!

Back Packs Project closed April 2022.

Sadly the Back Packs Project closed in April 2022 as Mary’s Meals could not sustain the cost.  Mary’s Meals will focus on feeding children.

To find out more about Mary’s Meals click here.  

October 2020 New Resources:

October 2020 Have you seen our new range of publicity leaflets? Here is an example: soroptimistsJOINUS2, stating that no country has achieved Gender Equality, SDG 5.  To view the full range of leaflets click here .