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Prosperity – SDG’s 7 – 11

Prosperity SDG’s 7-11

On this page examples of how Clubs are addressing Prosperity SDG’s 7-11 will be displayed.

Developments in Fair Trade

Launch of 5 Short Films!

15 06 2023 Launch of 5 short films on Scottish Fair Trade Forum Facebook page; to visit page click here.

March, April 2023 ~ 5 short films made to celebrate the Scotland A Fair Trade Nation 10th Anniversary.  Funding came from a grant the National Lottery Communities Fund.  Films show the campaigning work being done in different parts of the country.  Titles as follows:

Fair Trade Champions ~ Perth and Kinross

The Virtuous Circle ~ Paisley

An Equal Chance ~ Motherwell and Wishaw

A Fair Day’s Work ~ Castle Douglas

Fair Not Fast~ Alford Fairtrade Group, Aberdeenshire

To find the films click here.

To arrange a screening click here.

25 02 2023 Scotland A Fair Trade Nation 10th Anniversary!

To find out more click here.

Prosperity SDG's 8 & 10
9 03 2023 North Lanarkshire Provost raising new Fairtrade Flag above Motherwell Civic Centre; SI Hamilton member Morag helping.


Prosperity SDG 8
SI Hamilton members marking Scotland A Fair Trade Nation 10th Anniversary 25 02 2023; photo taken 9 03 2023.


Prosperity SDG8
SI Hamilton members marking Scotland Fair Trade Nation 10th Anniversary 25 02 2-23; photo taken 9 03 2023.

9 03 2023 Members of SI Hamilton marking this important milestone in above photos.

SDG’s addressed: SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth; SDG 10  Reduced Inequalities.


Ten Principles of Fair Trade + WFTO Logo
Ten Principles of Fair Trade + WFTO Logo
From the Scottish Fair Trade Forum Members’ Magazine June 2022:
Meru Herbs Update:

Following on from the SIGBI Meru Women’s Garden Project, with associated  promotion of Meru Herbs products available from Just Trading Scotland, (JTS), Meru Herbs have now secured Provisional World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) membership!

For more information on Meru Herbs products click here; for JTS click here.

23 06 2021 Update on Kilombero Rice Farmers of Northern Malawi:

Do you remember the Kilombero rice stall at SIGBI Federation Conference Glasgow  5-7 November 2015?  SI Hamilton members sold 90kg fairly traded Kilombero rice. 90kg of rice is the amount of rice that a farmer in the Karonga Region of Northern Malawi would require to sell to send one of his or her children to secondary school for one year.

Webinar Update

On 27 05 2021 a Scottish Fairtrade Forum (SFTF) webinar entitled “Fair Trade verification and small – holder farmers – a case study: Kaporo Smallholder Farmers Association (KASFA), Malawi and the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO)”.  KASFA has applied for membership of WFTO.

KASFA is part of NASFAM, (National Smallholder Farmers’ Association of Malawi), which is the largest independent, smallholder -owned membership organisation in Malawi.

Great Taste Awards!

Since 2015, both the brown and white rice have won 1* Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Food.

Most Ethical on the UK Market May 2019!

Ethical Consumer Magazine has named Kilombero rice as the most ethical on the UK Market, May 2019.

SFTF and Just Trading Scotland (JTS), importers of the rice, have become members of WFTO.

To learn more about SFTF click here; for JTS click here. 

2 11 2021 Kilombero rice farmers are now members of WFTO

Congratulations to the growers of Kilombero Rice in Malawi on becoming members of WFTO!  To learn more about their amazing achievement click here.

SDG’s addressed: 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth; 10 Reduced Inequalities.

Watch this space to learn about further developments!