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Partnerships for the Goals – SDG 17

Partnerships SDG 17

On this page we will explain the Partnerships we have built up to help address the Goals – Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17:

UN House Scotland, (UNHS).

44/3 Frederick Street, Edinburgh EH2 1EX

We have recently formed a partnership with UN House, Scotland (UNHS).

You may be wondering why.  What type of organisation is UNHS?

UNHS is a civil society organisation.

It is committed to strengthening the implementation of the UN goals and values at grassroots levels.

You may ask, how does UNHS hope to achieve its aims?

UNHS promotes, supports, builds awareness, monitors outcomes and is approachable.

The emphasis is on Communication, Collaboration and Contribution.


UNHS, founded in 2012, proudly operates under the umbrella of the UN Association in Scotland (UNAS). To find out more click here.

UNA UK is the only charity in the UK devoted to building support for the UN amongst policymakers, opinion formers and the public. To find out more click here.

World Federation of UN Associations, (WF UNA).  To find out more click here.

Our Mental Health Work in Partnership with UN House, Edinburgh:

9 10 2019 Mental Health Conference

We held a Mental Health Conference on 9 October 2019 in partnership with UN House Edinburgh.

Why was this date chosen? We marked World Mental Health Day 10 October.  See flyer below.

14 10 2020 Mental Health Conference by Webinar

In partnership with UN House, Scotland and Youth Link Scotland , we   organised a Webinar on Adolescent Mental Health 14 October 2020. 

To learn more about Youth Link Scotland click here.

For the second year running we marked World Mental Health Day 10 October.

Will there be further events in the future?  Watch this space!

See flyer below.