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‘Making It Happen’ Community Awards Trophy

Making It Happen

Delighted SI Sevenoaks members received the news that Shirley Brigham’s nomination by her club to receive the coveted Sevenoaks District Council’s ‘Making It Happen’ Community Awards trophy in the Local Hero category was successful. Shirley accompanied by Isobel White and Isobel Groves attended the Award event at St. Nicholas Church, Sevenoaks on Wednesday 15 March to hear that she had won the trophy. The packed church was told that there had been a very strong field in the competition making it difficult to choose a winner. Shirley was nominated due to her fantastic support of the Trauma Teddies appeal knitting 350 bears, supporting Climate Change by gardening on her hands and knees weekly at the Vine and baking tray bakes for Sevenoaks Area Youth Trust. All activities at 87 years old! No wonder the presenter of the award, Dr. Hilary Jones, said he must get the name of Shirley’s moisturizer!  Soroptimist International also had a very high profile due to Shirley’s response to Programme Action projects.   Many congratulations Shirley and thank you.

Isobel Groves SI Sevenoaks Programme Action Officer