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Some typical club activities

A very successful Quiz Night was organised by the Fund Raising Group at the end of October which was attended by over 90 people who can be seen scratching their head in the photo.

Not only did all the brain cells get a good work-out but the event raised £600 for the President’s Charity which was a fantastic result.

At the November club meeting an insight into the issue of Forced Marriages was provided by Thames Valley Police officers Sophie Wing-King (Domestic Abuse Co-ordinator Berkshire East) and  Sally Monica Cochrane-Gent (Domestic Abuse Police Officer.  They are shown in the photograph below with President Sally.

On 24th November Past President Jean Tyler was able to set to with a spade to plant a tree that she had chosen during her year in office.  The Metasequoia Glyptostrobodies or Dawn Redwood has now been planted in the arboretum at Dorney Lake.

On 29th November a large party of Soroptimists and friends braved the freezing temperatures to visit the Christmas Market at Oxford Castle.  It was so cold that it was a pleasure to tour the old prison and view the horrors of prison life from medieval times to the end of the last century.  The realization the stealing £1 in 1840 resulted in a sentence of 4 months hard labour gave an interesting link to the present day quandaries of making the punishment fit the crime.