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President Lynne attends SI Croydon’s ‘Loud and Proud’ event

This year 12 girls from six local schools took part in SI Croydon’s Loud and Proud Speaking competition. President Lynne was proud to be one of the judges along with Mayor Alisa Flemming.

The aim of the competition is: –

  • To encourage girls to play a more prominent role in public life
  • To improve the art of communication
  • To develop research techniques
  • To encourage girls to develop the skills to speak effectively and to articulate with clarity
  • To develop self-confidence and personality.

Eight of the young speakers chose to discuss the impact that the Lionesses have had on them and the minds of the public at large. Each one had a unique interpretation and delivery.  Other topics discussed were climate change, austerity measures, Monarchy or Republic.

All we can say is how incredible these girls were. their knowledge and passion emphasised the importance of the event as a means for young people to have their voices heard.




Well done to members of SI Croydon for organising such an excellent event this year.