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SI South East England Newsletters

Patricia Painting - Newsletter editorThe Regional Newsletter is called the SEE News and it is produced by Patricia Painting.

Patricia is a SIGBI Associate Member, having been a former member of SI Croydon and District.

Since December 2018, Patricia has produced 39 editions of the SEE News, and she says each one has been a pleasure to produce, learning about the amazing work that our members do for the local communities.

During lockdown the decision was taken to produce a monthly newsletter, and from the amount of material sent in each month, it was a good decision. Over the past three years, the number of pages for each edition has averaged 10/12; the highest was 17 and the lowest four.

Patricia would urge all clubs to submit something, no matter how short the article. Also, if you have an event towards the end of the month and would like it to appear in that month’s edition, please let her know as she is always happy to take late articles, providing she knows in advance.

Each month, the Newsletter showcases what our clubs have been up to over the past month:

Here is the current issue 2023 January SEE News

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