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‘Ello – Who Won the Quiz?

A team of ‘Fallen Madonnas’ from SI Liverpool triumphed at a quiz night organised by members of their neighbouring Soroptimist club, SI Crosby.

Mary, Sue, Anne and Danny celebrate their win

The event, themed on a certain café in wartime France, featured sketches, songs (from Madame Edith La Corneille accompanied by Mademoiselle Ann LePlinqueplonque), a hidden painting and a fine buffet, as well as the quiz.

Off-duty German officers, plus a gendarme with an atrocious French accent, made the occasional appearance.

Anne Grimes, Sue Woods and Mary Andrews (with crest-Fallen Madonna, Danny Grimes), tackled rounds that included ‘pseudonyms’ and ‘general ignorance’, read in impeccable English by Geneviève La Rue of the Resistance.

Madame Sheila from the local Mairie (aka SI Crosby’s President) congratulated the winning team as well as thanking her own club members for all their hard work. Proceeds from the event will go to Sefton Young Carers.

Mary, Sue and Anne with some of the cast members

Anne said, “We had a wonderful evening … the script, the questions, the food etc. all so much in keeping with the theme!

“We were so pleased to win (and so shocked – we’ve never won a Soroptimist quiz before!!).”