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Autumn Meetings

Soroptimists in South Lancashire began their autumn regional meetings in sombre mode.

Region President Dorcas Akeju spoke for all when she paid tribute to the late Queen – citing her dedication and service throughout such a long, eventful reign. Members stood in silence to honour Her Majesty’s memory.


At the Programme Action meeting, the Soroptimists welcomed Charlotte Ellwood, a community fundraiser for North West Cancer Research (NWCR).

This is an independent charity that concentrates of the cancer needs of people in North West England and North Wales. It has a long history starting with the Friends of Liverpool Radium Institute in 1948.

NWCR looks at what is important in the region’s cancer ‘makeup’ and aims to fund appropriate, locally-focussed research.

Charlotte Ellwood (r) and Soroptimist Sriya Kulupana

Charlotte spoke of the region’s cancer patterns and how they can differ from the country as a whole. For example, there are over three times more cases of head and neck cancer in Merseyside than the national average. A research project funded by NWCR is investigating the challenges of treating this cancer.

NWCR also runs awareness campaigns. Its ongoing Sun Safety programme has worked in the classroom, with employers of outdoor workers, and ‘on the road’ in local communities.

The Soroptimists learned that September is Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month. NWCR has developed a project concentrating on the patient experience and quality of life – bringing the patient to the fore.

A host of questions showed that members had found the session really interesting. Finally – calling a halt – the Region’s Programme Action Officer, Sriya Kulupana, thanked Charlotte and wished the charity continuing success in its work.