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On Your Bike! – in Manchester

Stockport Soroptimists recently welcomed speakers from the charity Blood Bikes Manchester.

The volunteer bikers of Blood Bikes Manchester provide out-of-hours transport for blood, vaccines, samples, donor breast milk (for premature babies) and other urgently required medical items. This courier service is used by hospitals, hospices and other healthcare sites.

They ride from 7pm to 6am during the week and 24 hours at weekends and bank holidays. Daytime ‘mercy missions’ may also be undertaken. Deliveries have taken the bikers all over Greater Manchester, and beyond. Whenever and wherever they’re needed the bikers are ‘go’.

The volunteers’ service is completely free of charge, thus allowing the NHS to divert funds where there is greater need.

The Soroptimists learned that all bikers operate from home, so the charity has no expensive offices to pay for and no paid staff. The volunteers don’t even claim expenses. Blood Bikes depend on public sponsorship and donations to maintain the service.

The motorcycles are specially adapted. For example, they can carry insulated boxes which are necessary for many of the temperature-sensitive items they deliver. The charity also has a few vehicles for bulk transport and for use in extreme weather conditions.

The umbrella organisation for this little-known charitable service is the National Association of Blood Bikes.

Sue Stringer, President of SI Stockport & District was delighted to hand over a cheque for £500 to the guest speakers, Carol and Paul Redfern. The sum was the result of donations in memory of longstanding Soroptimist Sue Wagstaff.

Stop Press : As of January 2023 the Blood Bikes Manchester organisation is succeeded by Greater Manchester Blood Bikes. All assets are being transferred to ensure continuity of service throughout the metropolitan area.