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Music – and Cake

South Lancashire’s Soroptimists have had the opportunity to learn about the transformative power of music.
Dean McShane with Programme Action Officers Denise Parker and Yvonne Gibbon

Their guest speaker at the Region’s Programme Action meeting was Dean McShane, of Playlist for Life.

Playlist for Life is a music and dementia charity. Research has shown that listening to music that is personal to the individual can be highly beneficial to people living with dementia.

Favourite tunes from key times in a person’s past can drastically improve quality of life, reduce anxiety and improve mood. This familiarity triggers memories – lyrics, events, loved-ones may come back to mind. Connections can be made with relatives and carers – it’s emotional and rewarding.

Dean is a mental health nurse and senior lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University, as well as a volunteer speaker for Playlist for Life. He recommended that everyone should develop their own ‘soundtrack for life’.

The soundtrack of the day for Region President Pam should, perhaps, have been “Congratulations”. Her club, SI St Helens, presented her with a giant cake – best wishes on taking up the presidential role. Needless to say, everyone present was offered a slice.