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A Roaring Success

South Lancashire’s Soroptimists came out in force to make the region’s conference a roaring success.

The programme was wide-ranging but women-focussed. Speakers covered many aspects of health and wellness, education, gender equality and human rights.

Violence against women and girls – what are the police doing to improve their response? How can children with complex needs be more readily identified and how can mothers be supported as the children grow?

How can women find a clear path through the myths and fads surrounding the menopause? How is a major manufacturing company addressing the needs and challenges of its female workforce?

Close to home, practical support and training has enabled thousands of women to develop their own successful businesses. In distant countries, a microloan can set a woman entrepreneur on the road to a stable economic future.

A box of good things and a ‘sprinkling of fairy dust’ can bring always joy and help relieve poverty. Combine everything with the vigour of performance poetry – and you have the heady mix that was South Lancashire’s Soroptimists’ Conference Programme 2024

Region President Pam Wright paid tribute to the speakers and to her conference team. “So many months of planning – such a pleasure (and relief!) to see everything unfold,” she said.

“Delegates from Soroptimist clubs in our region – and beyond – entered into the spirit of the day. Yes, we did ‘rise up and roar’ together.”