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Number 63 update 2023

Number 63 has continued to increase its occupation over the winter low season and expects business to pick up around Easter with more visitors coming back to London. The link to the latest Number 63 newsletter is here for you to download and includes details of upcoming events. If you are thinking of taking a trip and stay at Hotel 63 please book at least 12 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.

The former Manager’s flat is being converted to 2 letting bedrooms to increase capacity and work on it is due to be completed soon. Improvements to Hotel 63 are only progressing slowly as funds allow. The hospitality trade, including Hotel 63, is just ticking over as we recover from the after effects of the COVID pandemic, worldwide energy price increases, and the usual winter ‘flu. If we want to keep the facility of Hotel 63 we need to support it.

So please consider some fundraising, buying shares and having some part in its’ future and of course taking part in the ‘500 club’.
63 is grateful for your continued help and support