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Volunteering in Cambodia

At a recent SI Winchester club meeting, member Helen Porter told us about her experiences of volunteering in Cambodia in Oct/Nov 2022. As a former teacher/lecturer she was part of an education team which went out to train the teachers in Cambodia. They were based at a place called Happy Village and they volunteered at 2 of the 3 schools run by Serve Cambodia.

Their mission was to encourage the teachers to educate imaginatively and they brought many fun ways to help this along. Glove puppets and other toys. The children loved singing so this was a great way to educate the children.

As can be seen from her presentation below, there are different levels of H&S and also a lack of risk assessments, but at least the children were happy and enjoying their education. Housing also has its downfalls, with slum housing by our standards, and lack of welfare to benefit those running families with no income.

As a result of her trip the club has agreed to sponsor a young girl through her education for three years. Raliza is now 13 and we are able to sponsor her until the age of 16. We look forward to hearing from her in due course once this is set up. The sponsorship scheme is run by the Burleigh Trust here in the UK.

See Helen’s presentation here