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SIGBI DAY of ACTION Saturday 17 JULY 2021

Raising awareness of Climate Change is a global issue and is the most important issue facing the planet and humanity. The last century has seen a sharp increase in global temperatures with an exponential increase over recent decades.

Soroptimists are currently focusing on the environment and climate change and with Cop26 almost upon us it is timely to take action on our special SIGBI Day of Action Saturday 17 July 2021 when we can collectively endeavour to make a difference.

The interconnectedness between humans and the natural world has direct consequences on how we live with each other and share resources. This concept of integral ecology can make a huge difference to improving our carbon footprint. This offers a chance to accelerate climate action.

SI Tamworth would like to share some of the simple things you can do to address Climate Change:

1. Use the UN Carbon Footprint Calculator –

2. See for advice on what you can do – the app also helps you on a day-to-day basis, see and

3. Plant trees – free ones –

4. Walk or cycle rather than use the car

5. Unplug computer and any appliances on standby

6. Replace inefficient light bulbs with LED light bulbs and turn off some lights

7. Use energy efficient appliances

8. Minimise the use of plastic and dispose of it responsibly

9. Bring your own reusable bottle or mug

10. Cut food waste

11. Online shopping – don’t select next day delivery why not?

12. Get Smart power strips to cut off phantom power to electronics when not in use

13. Save energy by washing your clothes in cooler water. (not cloth facemasks – they need to be

washed at 60c, see For information about the use and disposal of medical masks which contain plastic fibres – see and )

14. Save water get a limiter in your toilet flush

15. Buy and grow local food

16. Write to your MP – advocate for climate change

17. Raise awareness by exploring ideas and feelings about the world through song, visual arts, writing

18. Share your activities on Social Media