Local Youth Worker raises LiNX profile to Torquay Soroptimist group

Claire Farley from LiNX Christian Youth Trust spoke to members with great enthusiasm and commitment about the role her team play in enabling Torbay young people to reach their full potential through their work in secondary schools and within the local community.

The LiNX Christian Youth Trust work with young people in Secondary Schools throughout the Bay running lunchtime clubs, leading assemblies, teaching lessons in religious education and health education, supporting Christian unions and creating new opportunities for young people to develop and thrive. They also work with young people outside of school running after school clubs, organising youth events and supporting church youth work.

Claire explained that they work in partnership with churches, schools, the local authority, volunteers and other organisations and the work is financed by donations from churches, trusts and individuals.   She was thrilled to accept a cheque from President Mrs May Hulme and hopes that the Soroptimist’s will be able to help in the future with the great work going on for the Youth of Torbay, funding of which is vital in helping this work continue.