2018 Resolutions


Actions speaks louder than words. We’ve had the discussions, we’ve finalised our programme and now we’re gearing up for action. Lately, our ladies have had their unfair share of problems, misfortune and sadness but as with all Soroptimists, we’re there for each other. Now we can focus on our chance to help others through this new year and that’s always heartening.

We started off our first project at our meeting on Tuesday 6th Feb. We had decided to collect books for Africa and sure enough ladies made a great mound of books straightaway. We will keep going and hope that others may be able to donate some to help the cause. We’d like new and used books for children and young people that are educational but also fun. If you are able to help please email me – linda.churchward1616@gmail.com In time, the books will be packaged in strong cardboard boxes, ready for collection.

We are supporting the Books2Africa Charity. It was founded in 2012 by four African students during their time in the UK. They work to improve the quality of education in African institutions of learning. The organisation now has Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Many instutions have no access to electricity or the internet. 50% of students in African schools will not be able to read or write when they leave.

Some families in rural areas survive on £1 a day so there is no hope of them ever being able to afford to buy even one book. The books we donate will help to improve the quality of education and Education will improve the quality of life in Africa.

Linda Churchward