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2019 Hoping to change lives

Members are helping people around the world create opportunity for themselves and their communities, they have recently loaned funds to –

Empowering women in rural Senegal

Madeleine’s Group who needed funds to buy seed and fertilizer for her garden.  The plants she will grow will be sold at the local market.  Proceeds from the sales help her cover daily living expenses as well as pay for her children’s education.

Empowering women through community support and financial training

Los Alegres De Santa Fe group needed funds to buy fertilizer & weeding maintenance on her cropland so that she can achieve healthy, quality products and give good customer service.  Proceeds from the sales will help her improve her home, increase production and acquire new land to have better finances and for her children to get an education

Increasing agricultural production capacity of Kenyan farmers

Gladys neede funds to buy more chickens.  She operates a farm where she sells chickens eggs. She wants to have a bigger poultry farm and to be financially secure.  Proceeds from the loan will pay her children’s school fees.