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at the Annual General Meeting
National Association of Trinidad and Tobago

Saturday, July 4, 2020

“It is with much gratitude that I submit this report as I have completed my two year term as your President. The last two years have been nothing short of fulfilling and I am extremely appreciative to have been given the opportunity to serve. My experience as SITT President has been a steep learning curve for me and has brought much personal growth and development.

Over the last two years we have faced many challenges as a National Association and even wider as a Federation. However, I think that it has helped us to refocus and adjust our approach to meet the new and ever-changing needs of our membership. Internationally, all clubs are facing declining membership and much has been done to evaluate the causes and possible solutions to this. Despite this, within our National Association, we have been able to charter two new clubs in the last two years and for the most part club memberships continue to expand slowly but steadily. To me, this is a reflection of our passion and drive and the value that working together brings. I continue to wish clubs every success as they grow and expand and to encourage us to work together for the greater good of women and girls in our society.

As with any type of growth, there are always challenges. The last two years have not been without its challenges. However, in my opinion, these challenges have helped to strengthen us as an organization and in some ways bring us together. We have been able for the first time in many years, to carry out a National activity for International Women’s Day and even to have partnership between clubs. This shows our growth and maturity as an organization. Additionally, we saw one of our newest clubs successfully host Friendship Day, which again was a testament to the great mentorship and support that they received from their Mother club. Overall, the main lesson we can learn is that when we work together the impact is always bigger and more far reaching. Differences among us are inevitable, but our ability to work through these differences and stand together is what makes us women who can make a difference.

It is my hope that we continue to grow and strengthen our bonds and also to make our mark in our society. People should no longer questions who are Soroptimists, but rather associate us with the great work that we already do. Thank you for your support during my term and wishing us all continued success as we seek to improve the lives of women and girls.”

Chevonne Agana-Duncan