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SI San Fernando



Soroptimist International of San Fernando was chartered on 23 November 1962 with 18 members.  At present the club has forty-four (44) members, two of whom are founder members.

Our ongoing project is Shangri La Soroptimist Retirement Home, founded in 1970. It is a safe and secure residence where senior citizens can find companionship, serenity and happiness in their later years.


SI San Fernando New Executive Team- 2024/2025
Congratulations and best wishes to the newly elected Executive team of Soroptimist International San Fernando for the 2024/2025 year.

(Left to Right):

Secretary & Communications Officer – Crystal Rahaman;Membership & Organizational Development Officer – Terry Amirali-Rambharat;Immediate Past President – Renata Ramsaywak-Lalla;Vice President – Cindy Seemungal;President – Leigh-Anne Koylass-Shand;President Elect – Lisa Teewarie-Sankar;Floor Member – Anna-Lisa Wallace;Floor Member – DeNyssa Christom-Furlonge

Absent:Programme Action Officer – Arlene Wilkes;Treasurer – Jenelle Parks

Best wishes ladies for a wonderful year ahead!


SI San Fernando-


Celebrating World Environment Day with a sustainable Initiative!

In commemoration of World Environment Day, our Club was proud to sponsor and distribute reusable water bottles to all students and teachers of San Fernando East Secondary School. This initiative aims to promote environmental sustainability, reduce plastic waste in our community and is part of an ongoing project geared towards making San Fernando East Secondary a climate conscious school.

Why Reusable Water Bottles?

– Eco-Friendly: Helps reduce single-use plastic waste

– ⁠Cost Effective: Save money by refilling rather than buying bottled water

– ⁠Healthier: Encourages hydration with a convenient, portable solution

We are excited to see the positive impact this initiative will have on both the environment and the daily lives of the students and teachers. A huge thank you to everyone who made this possible!

Let’s continue to take steps towards a greener, more sustainable future together.

SI San Fernando-

Membership Month- SISF style

SI San Fernando-

12 steps to a healthier you

SI San Fernando-

12 steps to a healthier you
Episode 4 Part 1 – Exercise & Nutrition



SI San Fernando-

12 steps to a healthier you
Episode 5- Mental Health


SI San Fernando-

12 steps to a healthier you

Episode 4- Exercise and Nutrition.


SI Couva was well represented at SI San Fernando’s 3K Obstacle race at Skinner Park to raise awareness for endometriosis.

SI Esperance participated in the 3K Obstacle race at Skinner Park to raise awareness for endometriosis.

Thanks to our sister Club SI San Fernando for this initiative and your dedication to the cause. It was truly inspiring and we stand with you in support.

We had fun at the event. We all completed the course, coming away with a trophy.

SI Anaparima was well represented at SI San Fernando Endometriosis Challenge 3K Race.

SI San Fernando thanks all who participated in their Endometriosis Challenge, 3K Obstacle race on 14th April, 2024 at Skinner Park which was a great success.

You are welcome to visit their Facebook Page to see all the wonderful pictures.

Yesterday was Pool Day !

Club mummies (and daddies) welcomed a fun Sunday afternoon for the kids at a Club grandma’s home today!

The little ones were treated to cookies & ice cream (as is customary for visits to grandma’s), and in this visit, there was the added bonus of endless fun in the swimming pool!

A truly wonderful afternoon for the little ones, and the grown ups too!

On Monday 25th we enjoyed a most wonderful celebration of a milestone birthday of one of SISF’s royals – our dearest Roma.
As always, there was much to eat and drink, but the best part of it all was our SISF camaraderie & love.
Happy Birthday Roma; best wishes for many more.

In celebration of IWD, SI San Fernando hosted a half day programme for 20 female Form IV students of San Fernando East Secondary School who were exposed to a very inspiring introduction to entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs Tamara Fook, owner of Moonchild Beauty, and Gina Rampersad owner of Irrisistibly Sweet shared their personal journeys to becoming successful entrepreneurs.

NEDCO representative Nicole Siew shared useful information on the support offered by NEDCO to young entrepreneurs and gave great advice for females embarking on their own business.

The programme will continue with online sessions in the coming weeks.


SI San Fernando presents 12 Steps to a healthier you!
Episode 3 – Self Love  – Part 2

SITT National Association extends happy birthday greetings and best wishes to Elsa Ferguson on her 98th birthday. Elsa was conferred with the title of Honorary Life Member of Soroptimist International San Fernando at the 50th AGM of SITT National Association on the 9th September 2023 in appreciation for her unwavering dedication, commitment and exceptional service

Happy 61st Anniversary to SI San Fernando. Giving thanks for 61 years of dedicated service and friendship. Keep up the good work sisters.


Ms. Sandra Dieffenthaller and her team from Soroptimist International of San Fernando accompanied the team from The ANSA McAL Group.

Ms. Natalie Bibby, Corporate Sustainability Specialist and Ms. Sarah Inglefield, Head of Culture and Communications engaged our students as they discussed what they had learned through their exposure to the hydroponics systems. These two organizations had worked together

to provide our students with this enriching experience.

The team then visited the farm area to check on the growth of the plants.

Reaping time drawers near and way beyond the patchoi, lettuce and chive, our students would reap the rewards that come from hard work, effort, focus and teamwork.

We are grateful to both organizations for their support and guidance and look forward to our ongoing partnership


The staff and students of San Fernando East Secondary School were excited to be the recipients of two Solarponix systems as our Club continues to raise awareness and take action on climate change. The technologically advanced vertical hydroponic systems are based on renewable, recyclable resources and the project simultaneously addresses food security.

Following a lesson on Climate Change delivered by a Club member, students learnt how to set up and manage the systems – with a group of girls taking the lead on mixing the nutrients, populating the units with seedlings and learning how to toggle through the menu on the system’s ‘brain’. They are looking forward to harvesting their first crop in four weeks.

Soroptimist International clubs of T&T

Friendship Day 8th October 2023

Theme: The People Who Came

Soroptimist International San Fernando Video -portrayal of some English traditions.

International Day of Peace

To commemorate International Day of Peace SI San Fernando’s Peace Quilts comprised of Peace Patches from across the world, were displayed at Gulf City Mall’s Atrium.

The quilts are comprised of peace patches from Soroptimist Clubs around the world, the squares of fabric, each bearing a unique peace message were stitched together in a zig zag pattern indicating that while the road to peace is not a straight one, we are all united in our desire to achieve peace.

Let us not underestimate the power of individual actions in contributing to a more peaceful world.


We are so proud of our charter members Dorothy Callendar and Elsa Ferguson, who were both conferred Honorary Life Membership by the Soroptimist International National Association of Trinidad and Tobago at its 50th AGM on Saturday, September 9, 2023. These ladies have each served San Fernando for over 60 years.
Also honoured was Ursula de Castro who was conferred Honorary Life Membership and Dr Martha Frederick-Franklin, Fay Nobrega, Norma Inniss, Norma Delmas and Merle Latchman who were conferred Honorary Membership.

Wonderful Birthday Celebrations- …….treasured memories!!!!!

Our Club celebrated in style on Saturday last as our treasured member Pat Manhin reached a milestone birthday- 80 years!! It was a double celebration as we also celebrated Sylvia Maharaj’s special birthday.

We were very honoured to have SI President Maureen Maguire – who was here on a project visit – in attendance!

We truly enjoyed the beautiful decor created by our member Camille and delicious food provided by members. Our in-house DJ Crystal even got our senior members and SI President Maureen to shake a leg – with non other than our nonegenarian Elsa!

This was one party that we will remember for many years to come – a true demonstration of SI San Fernando style!

Supporting the children of the staff of Shangri La.
Our club has made an annual commitment to supporting the hard-working staff of our retirement home, Shangri La, by off-setting the cost of back to school items.
This year we purchased text books for 7 children. The books were distributed by members of SISF at the Home on 9th August 2023.
Women inspiring action, transforming lives
Soroptimist International Convention in Dublin.
SISF President Renata Ramsaywak Lalla and member Sandra Dieffenthaller represented our Club at the 2023 SI Convention in Dublin.
They traveled with our global “Patches of Peace” quilt which was proudly displayed at the Exhibition Hall and attracted many viewers and positive comments.

SIGBI Day of Action – 15th July, 2023

This year, SIGBI Day of Action coincided with the United Nations World Youth Skills Day.

In an effort to encourage young girls to aquire new skills, Soroptimist International San Fernando had a fun workshop where we taught introductory courses in Nail Design (basic manicure) and Sewing (hand stitching, hemming, sewing on buttons and taking measurements).

The girls enjoyed the day and we were happy to give them the opportunity to learn new skills as well as teach them the value of acquiring these skills as a way of earning income.

Women inspiring action, transforming lives

SI San Fernando partners with SWMCOL

SI San Fernando wishes to thank the Solid Waste Management Company Limited (SWMCOL) for partnering with us in educating the Std 5 students of St Clement’s Vedic Primary School on the importance of recycling plastic waste.

SWMCOL facilitated a tour of their Beverage Container Recycling Facility and also did a very informative and educational video presentation on plastic pollution, the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ principles and Global Warming.

It was a great experience for the kids who are now promoting the green agenda at their school.

Women inspiring action, transforming lives

It is Membership Month &

We are Celebrating!

Congratulations and many thanks to Club member Alice Daniel, for 30 years of dedicated service to SI San Fernando!

Alice was presented with her Long Service Award at our Club’s May Business Meeting.

(L-R) Alice Daniel and President-Elect, Leigh-Anne Koylass Shand

Women inspiring action, transforming lives


Our club’s Day of Reflection was a blast

With a ‘wear what you wish’ dress code ,

we saw everything from Pjs and pearls to African wear, scrubs, a tennis outfit and a fishing outfit

In typical SISF style we had great food, fun and activities (competitions with prizes) as we reflected on our likes, our challenges, what we need to change , what we want more of and what we could do better.

The consensus was that we’re doing great but could tweak a few things to make us an even better club

Mothers are the women around you who guide and nurture you. The ones who encourage your dreams, help you pick up the pieces when you falter on your way to those dreams, and believe in you even in the moments when you don’t anymore. They are the women who inspire you!

Happy Mother’s Day to all women who are mothers and those who have taken the role of mothers.

Women inspiring action, transforming lives

SI San Fernando’s Endometriosis Awareness Campaign
SI San Fernando held a 3K Obstacle race today at Skinner Park as part of an   Endometriosis awareness campaign for those who struggle with the “invisible illness”. This was a great success as there was an overwhelming participation.
Several persons proved that they were ENDO strong having completed the entire course which was very challenging and received well deserved medals for their tenacity and resilience.
There were the Challenge trophies for the fastest completion time by a male and female participant and special prizes given to the most senior participant and largest crew in matching outfits.
All in all, it was an explosion of fun and energy.
Winners in the Senior and Junior Categories from SI San Fernando club.


We are extremely impressed by the entries for our National Association’s school art competition ‘Imagine a world without violence against women’

Many of the fantastic pieces submitted to our Club as well as to SI Anaparima were on display at Gulf City Mall.


Today we hosted SITT’s Friendship Day – postponed from October last due to inclement weather. It was well worth the wait!!

The scenic La Vega Estate provided the backdrop to glorious weather and a throw back to the sixties to mark our Club’s 60th anniversary celebrated last year.

With 60’s outfits, music, dancing, games and a 60’s quiz, much excitement was generated as members competed for prizes in teams comprising members of different clubs.

After three years of virtual events it was a pleasure to see each other in person again and all agreed that it was a fantastic event


SI San Fernando’s Membership Officer conducted a training session for New Members

SI San Fernando Membership Officer Sandra Dieffenthaller conducted a training session for new members who joined during COVID lockdown. It was a very informative session that covered a wide range of topics from SI Structure to Club Culture. Programme Action formed a big part of the presentation and elicited much discussion. Apart from the delicious tea, the highlight of the session was the visit to the Hub where the new members were registered on spot and were able to see past PA reports. New member Natalya Rahamatula won a Dublin Conference pin for scoring the highest on the quiz that followed the presentation.

Charter team of SI San Fernando has Development Day for SI Couva

SI San Fernando was happy to have its first face to face Development Day with our baby club Soroptimist International Club of Couva. It was a very productive and inspiring session of learning and sisterhood in the true spirit of Soroptimism. The session was led by the charter team.


Glitz and Glamour 

A celebration of 60 years

SI San Fernando held their 60th Anniversary celebration on the 3rd of December 2022 at Achievors Banquet Hall.

This was a fabulous and spectacular event which was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Everyone looked beautiful and glamorous in their various combinations of black and white outfits.

Two of the longest serving persons who were members when the club was chartered 60 years ago, Elsa Ferguson and Dorothy Callender (standing from left to right) each reach receive a bouquet of flowers from the club presented by Mayor of San Fernando, His Worship Junia Regrello.

Many thanks to all who supported this milestone and memorable event.


We’re 60!!!

Our Charter Anniversary was celebrated yesterday in fine style, with those of us who have earned the luxury of having lunch at a restaurant in the middle of a workday enjoying each other’s company Soong’s Great Wall Restaurant , and those of us looking forward to our golden years meeting up for after-work drinks at 519 Trinidad

Our President attended both events!!! A lovely time was had by all

Next stop – Our Gala Dinner & Dance on 03.12.22 where we’ll all celebrate this wonderful milestone in the company of our friends & family

Patches of Peace” Patchwork sheet in celebration of SI San Fernando 60th Anniversary

On November 23rd, 2022, Soroptimist International of San Fernando will be celebrating their 60th anniversary of charter.

Their theme is ‘Celebrating the Past, Pursuing a Peaceful Future for Women and Girls’.

They invited Soroptimist clubs around the world to join them in celebrating this milestone by contributing squares of fabric to their commemorative ‘Patches of Peace’ patchwork sheet.

Sandra Dieffenthaller and Renata Ramsaywak-Lalla collected Patches of Peace” from some of the delegates to the SI Great Britain and Ireland (SIGBI) conference which commenced today.

The sheet of patches will be displayed at their Anniversary Dinner & Dance on the 3rd of December, 2022.

To read the entire supplement, click on the link below to access our FlipBook:


We continue to make a difference in the lives of women and girls through programmes that educate, empower and enable. 

Recent ones include:

Health Outreach in Outlying Areas
Endometriosis Educational Seminars for Girls
Life Skills Parenting Workshops for Autistic Children
Finding Your Purpose/Passion Seminar for Girls
Assistance to disabled university student

In order to achieve our programme work, two main annual fundraisers are held – a golf tournament and a luncheon. San Fernando Soroptimists keep the ‘fun’ in fund-raising, and enjoy celebrating significant milestones with members of our own, and other clubs.

We invite you to visit our webpage

You can also like us on Facebook

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