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Club Officers

 President  Caroline Auckland

President Elect Claire Archbold

Vice President Cat Mennell

Secretary:  Ann Greenfield

Treasurer: Louise Taylor 

Programme Action: Angela McPherson

Sub Committee: Alex Dawson

                                           Regional Representative: Louise Taylor

Exec Members

Caroline Auckland,  Claire Archbold,  Cat Mennell,  Ann Greenfield,  Louise Taylor,  Angela McPherson, Lorna Blackmore,  Carolyn Clutterbuck,  Mandy Flashman-Wells,  Jean Meadows.

 Membership : Lorna Blackmore

Sub Committee: Katherine Wilson, Lucy Raj and Anne Walter

 UN Membership: Mary Salmon

 Town Forum : Caroline Auckland Deputy: Angela McPherson

 Communications & Publicity

Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram : Caroline Auckland


 Fundraising: Louise Taylor

Hospitality & Social Planning

Sub Committee: Carolyn & Jean Meadows

Programme Planning

Sub Committee: Claire Archbold, Cat Mennell, Kathleen Lynch- Howard and Sarah Salway