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A Spotlight on Safety in Tunbridge Wells


Spotlight on Safety in Tunbridge Wells

Recent events in the UK and in Kent have highlighted the problem of violence against women and girls inside the home and in public places. The high profile murders which occurred last year prompted the PCC to survey 8,263 people across Kent to ask about women’s safety    (

This survey aims to build on this work and looks at the safety of women and girls in the Borough of Tunbridge Wells. The information you provide will be totally anonymous, your participation is entirely voluntary and you can choose not to answer any question which makes you feel uncomfortable.  Survey results will be used to report to policy makers to guide efforts to improve the safety and well-being of women and girls living in, working in or visiting Tunbridge Wells.

The survey was printed and published in September 2022 and is available by email

 Or a file is available here for download: Spotlight on Safety in Tunbridge Wells

Please click on the link below to access the original survey form

A Spotlight on Safety in Tunbridge Wells

When completed,  the survey was scanned emailed to or posted to Suite 36, 2 Mount Sion, Tunbridge Wells TN1 1UE .  The closing date for responses was 30th April 2022.  Thank you for your help.


She Was Only Walking Home
by Jill Ruddock – SI Tunbridge Wells 

 She was only walking home.
She wasn’t breaking the law.
It should have been safe
for her to reach her front door.

Instead she was killed
by someone we paid
to keep us all safe
but by him she was betrayed.

Why does the world ask
women to change what they do
instead of insisting
that men think in ways that are new?

The roll call of names
of women killed by a man
continues to grow
but to stop it there’s no plan.

Measures recently passed
mean laws now demand
we respect race, creed and class
but misogyny gets no reprimand.

How many more women must die
in this unending pandemic
of which the causes, alas,
are entrenched and systemic?