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Empowering Girls in Nepal

Empowering Girls in Nepal – Federation Project 2019-2022


In April 2018 17-year-old Roshni (name changed) was raped by a young man from her village in Sunsari District, southeast Nepal, while her parents were away from home. In that lawless part of Nepal, the family sought justice from village leaders. Their “solution” was that since rapist and victim where both single, they should marry. Moreover, Roshni’s father would have to pay a £2,000 dowry to the rapist’s family.

Roshni and her family were under extreme pressure to accept the decision since rape is so stigmatised in Nepal and Roshni’s prospects of marriage with anyone else had dwindled. Reluctantly, her father sold land to raise this vast sum. But on the day of the planned wedding both the rapist and his father absconded.

At this point the family filed a case with the police and turned to ChoraChori for support. It took a year to track down the rapist but he was finally arrested by the police. Our legal team provided support to the prosecution and Roshni’s assailant was imprisoned for 5 years.

Throughout this prolonged case, ChoraChori protected and counselled Roshni at our Children’s Refuge and Rehabilitation Centre. She joined our in-house tailoring course, determined to make a blouse for her mother. She completed this six months’ training as top of the class and returned to her village. There she set up her own tailoring shop and, supported by an aunt, was soon busy with orders. Soon afterwards, her father passed away and Roshni is now able to support her mother and younger siblings through her income.


Roshni’s story is the reality for far too many girls and young women in Nepal. In Nepal reported cases of rape have quadrupled in the past ten years and in some areas, violence against girls and their abduction seems to be treated as a social norm. The statistics on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Nepal are truly shocking. One survey in 2016 found that 23% of women had been subject to physical, emotional or sexual violence with 7% having experienced sexual violence. Over half of the victims were minors, one in five under the age of ten.

This project tackles this problem head-on by providing security, rehabilitation, education and training for these vulnerable girls.


A full project plan and budget for each year of the project has been drawn up.

The fundraising target for Year 1 (2019-2020) is £50,000; for Year 2 (2020-2021) is £30,000; and for Year 3 (2021-2022) is £25,000. This fundraising target can be scaled up so that with additional funding from SIGBI, even more girls can continue their education safely and be provided with the skills to enhance their employability. Here are examples of how your donations will be spent:


  • Cost of medicine for common ailments
  • School stationery for one month
  • One week’s training allowance for vocational training
  • Food for two trainees for one day


  • School tuition fees for one girl for one year
  • Materials for one month on tailoring course
  • Medicine for high risk ailments for one girl for one week
  • Cost of physiotherapy session for one month


  • Complete personal hygiene kits for 30-40 girls for two months
  • Text books for one girl for one year
  • One month’s training allowance for one girl
  • Festival celebration at the hostel


  • Average cost for a hospital surgical procedure
  • Six months’ salary for non-formal education teacher
  • Two sewing machines (donated to girls at end of training)
  • Field visit to a girl’s family or community

Empowering Girls in Nepal lapel brooches

Si Bridgend are selling lapel brooches for £2.00 each to raise fund for the Empowering Girls in Nepal project. The brooches are 25mm with a magnetic backing.



You can make a donation to the Empowering Girls in Nepal project as an individual or as a Club.


Please click on the Virgin Giving Money DONATE button.



If you are making a personal donation and are a UK tax-payer, you can gift-aid your donation via Virgin Giving Money and your donation will be boosted by 25%. Remember that you need to be paying the amount in tax that ALL the charities you have gift-aided will be reclaiming.


If you wish to make a donation by cheque, please make it payable to SIGBI Ltd and send it to SIGBI Headquarters marked for Empowering Girls in Nepal:

Soroptimist International Great Britain & Ireland (SIGBI) Ltd
2nd Floor, Beckwith House
1-3 Wellington Road North
Stockport SK4 1AF


Call +44 (0)161 480 7686
and one of our SIGBI team will
be happy to take your credit/debit card
donation over the phone.



Organising your own fundraising event is a great way to raise money for the project. Whatever your interests – from fashion shows to sponsored walks, bring-and-buy stalls to taking up a challenge – you can turn it into a fundraising activity.

You can set up your own fundraising page with Virgin Money Giving and link your fundraising challenge or event to the Empowering Girls in Nepal project. Visit our Virgin Giving Money page and click “Start Fundraising”.


If you would like to make a one-off donation in memory of a loved one, click here or send your donation by post or by phone.

If you would like to collect donations at a funeral in lieu of flowers, we suggest you include the following on the Order of Service “Charity donations in memory of XXX may be made to the Soroptimist Empowering Girls in Nepal project via the donations button on their website – Please mention XXX’s name so that receipts can be acknowledged.”

You can also set up an online donation page in memory of your loved one at our Virgin Giving Money page and click “Start Fundraising”.


ChoraChori is a UK registered charity whose mission is to rescue Nepalese children from abusive situations, manage their trauma and reintegrate them, where possible, with their families and communities. ChoraChori works with Nepalese NGO ChoraChori-Nepal to implement and achieve its goals with support from volunteers and other partner organisations including Unity in Health, Gandys Foundation and Her Future Coalition. Find out more about ChoraChori here.



SIGBI Project Liaison

Helen Murdoch and Rayner Rees are joint Project Liaison for Empowering Girls in Nepal. Helen and Rayner are responsible for leading and directing SIGBI on all aspects of the project and will be the main link with our partner ChoraChori.

ChoraChori Team

Philip Holmes and Rojika Maharjan are the main contacts for SIGBI at ChoraChori. Philip is Chief Executive and co-founder of the charity. Rojika is the Development and Communications Officer at ChoraChori-Nepal.

SIGBI Project Ambassadors

Helen and Rayner will be supported by a team of Project Ambassadors representing SIGBI Regions/National Associations. The Project Ambassadors are responsible for raising awareness and promoting the project within their Region/National Association.

  • Cheshire, North Wales and Wirral – Susan Haywood
  • London Anglia – VACANT
  • London Chilterns – Pauline Panter
  • Midland Arden – Liz Every
  • Midland Chase – Katie Taylor
  • Midland East – Jacqui Purnell
  • North West England & the Isle of Man – Sheila Cheesbrough
  • Northern England – Marjorie Wilkinson
  • Northern Ireland – VACANT
  • Republic of Ireland – Tina Donohoe
  • Scotland North – Marjory Smart
  • Scotland South – Kay Wilkie and Abby McMurtrie
  • South East England – Claire Archbold
  • South Lancashire – Margaret Baker
  • South West & Channel Islands – Daphne Dowsing
  • Southern England – Moira Hutchings
  • Trinidad and Tobago – Sandra Dieffenthaler
  • Wales South – Lynne Tedik and Jeni Gower-Jones
  • Yorkshire – Sharon Hanson-Cooper
Visit the Empowering Girls in Nepal website for more information, to sign up to regular updates and to download the Project leaflet and other resources.

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