Joint project with SI Kisumu – new name, new sign

In gratitude for the money the club raised for the Early Childhood Development Centre in Kisumu, the staff and parents invited us to rename the school and we chose The Smiling School.  The logo features SIGBI’s “dynamic S” and, because we thought this might be hard to reproduce locally, we have had a signboard made.  This has now made its way to the school and Christine Achola, President of SI Kisumu, has told us that the school appreciates our gift and has sent us photos of its arrival and “hanging”.  We are amused to see that the new classrooms have been decorated in Soroptimist colours so the name board looks very much at home.

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President Liz Batten shows the new sign to club members before it is dispatched to Kisumu. 

092 - package arrives from UK

A few days later the school receives a large package from the UK. 


The Director helps to mount the sign in a prominent position. 


The new sign fits in well with the colour scheme of the new classrooms. 

090 - admiring the new sign

The pupils and teachers admire the new sign. 

091 - pupils line up in front of the new sign

SI Winchester sends all good wishes to the children and staff at The Smiling School.