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Project Integra

Abigail manages this department at Hampshire County Council and provides the service to its 1.1 million residents.

The Council provides Waste Collection services and the Contractor Veolia is the Waste Disposal Contractor. Their main facility is in Cosham. Portsmouth and Southampton City Councils have their own Energy Recovery Facilities for waste disposal and these can be visited by the public.

In any one year 475,000 tonnes of waste is non-recyclable and incinerated. 300,000 tonnes is recycled in a Materials Recycling Facility. The council requests that only plastic bottles are recyclable, along with tins and that these be clean, dry and loose so they can be easily sorted. Costs rise when other items have to be removed.

Of the incinerated material, only 5% is sent to landfill, with much being sent to a Composting Facility which is sold on for gardens and farming.

Abigail gave links to advice on home recycling Smart Living Hampshire and Smart Living in the Home