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September 2022 – Southern England SI news – Climate change – Fundraiser –

Southern England SI News

We learned a lot about the work of other Clubs at the SI Southern England meeting this month.

Winchester Soroptimists have a long-running project ‘Out of Afrika’ to send much-needed textile items to Kenya.  Pillowcase dresses and baby hats are among the items they have been sending since 20o7.

Salisbury Soroptimists provide bean bags and mobility equipment to help a centre for the disabled in Moldova.  They work in collaboration with a sister SI Club in Chisinau, Moldova.  The help they give is particularly welcome at this time.

Epsom Soroptimists have had a Friendship Link with SI Lviv (Ukraine) for 20 years.  They have sent supplies and almost £5,000 to date.

The Solent East Club reported the many individual actions taken by members to mitigate climate change and improve recycling.

Soroptimists in Bournemouth are also tackling climate change by going into schools to explain the importance of recycling and other climate-friendly actions.

Climate change


Now we see the effects of climate change in so many parts of the world.  We also see the power of water: as Goldilocks found in the children’s story, not enough water is devastating for human beings, too much water is devastating for human beings.  Goldilocks found things that were just right for her – humans are finding it much harder to have water that is ‘just right’.

Pakistan is the country suffering at the moment from too much water.  The September floods have brought terrible hardship to so many.  We send heartfelt good wishes to our sister Soroptimists in Gandhara, Hyderabad and Karachi who are doing their best to help the flood victims.

Our Federation has donated funds to help the victims.  More here.



Tickets are now selling fast for this fun evening.  Contact us for tickets and details.