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Gambia Nursery school

Jamisa Yiriwa Nursery School, Brikama, The Gambia, West Africa.

Our club has supported this Nursery School for the past 5 years through a member who annually goes to visit the school. The school has 4 classrooms and over 200 children, with a headteacher, 4 classroom teachers and dinner time staff.

It is situated on the edge of Brikama, which is a large Town. The local community have small compounds where they live, grow some food crops and any extra produce is sold at the large market. The area is also known for wood products such as furniture and detailed wood carvings such as animals, walking sticks and traditional tribal art.

At the Nursery School we have paid for a solar powered pump to be installed at the well in the school, contributed towards equipment for the school kitchen, helped pay for a teachers salary as well as donating items for use by the school children. We are just about to sew school dresses for the girls, ready to be taken out next year.

The Gambian School dresses that members produced have finally arrived, just before Christmas 2021 at the nursery in The Gambia.

We are very grateful to Peter Ellse a Derbyshire business man, who paid for the shipment and included the dresses with some stationary supplies for the children.