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Blessings and Beyond

As another year comes to a close, we instinctively think back at our year to assess whether it’s been good, bad or indifferent. We are also prompted to evaluate our accomplishments by the media outlets’ “year-end reviews” and all the social media applications who create slideshows of the moments we were lucky enough to capture.  As I look back at my year, my heart is filled with joy at the many wonderful things and experiences I was blessed with. In my professional life, I have had many opportunities to grow and do what I love with the support of my team. In my personal life, my best friends have welcomed husbands, babies and new academic accomplishments of which I am so proud. My family has celebrated birthdays and anniversaries and watching my niece successfully transition from primary to secondary school. I also took up the presidency of this remarkable group of women who continue to make the time to give of themselves and their resources to meet the mandate of Soroptimism; a mandate that continues to unite us.  But of all the wonderful things that have happened, the thing that brings me most joy is how the different aspects of my life all intersected to allow me to live my passion.

This year my family, friends and colleagues joined with my Soroptimist sisters to ensure that all of our efforts were successful. I count myself lucky; no, not lucky, but blessed. Blessed indeed that my colleagues and friends decided to donate their time as professionals to facilitate sessions for our projects. Blessed that my family and friends participated in our challenges and social media campaigns. Blessed that through networking, I had the opportunity to meet remarkable, like-minded women and men outside of my usual sphere who share my passion to serve others. Blessed that I was emboldened to step out of my comfort zone and publicly start tackling issues that are near and dear to my heart. Blessed that my Soroptimist sisters can boast of the same accomplishments.

This year, we count ourselves blessed because we created magic when we launched every project and initiative. When faced with huge issues and tasks, we chose little steps over no steps at all because every little step counts toward a big outcome. When faced with questions about the scope and impact, we chose to celebrate the numbers still because one life positively impacted, still spells success. When faced with fatigue and uncertainty, we chose to support and hold each other up because we believe in the work to be done and in each other. This year we gained so much because we chose to walk in passion and purpose.

As the curtains fall on 2022, we at Soroptimist International Anaparima would like to encourage every woman, man and child to get up and start changing the world one little step at a time. Think of January 1st 2023 as a blank canvas waiting to be painted or the start of 365 new opportunities to create something beautiful. Start raising awareness for the causes that matter to you within your own home, school or work circles. Start modeling the new behaviors that are necessary to effect change; practicing what you preach will inspire others to do the same and show them how to do it. Lets work together to build a future where we can all thrive and live equal, full lives.

Compliments of the Season from all of us at SI Anaparima. Thank you for sticking with us throughout the year.

Written by: Ahhalia Ramdass