About Our Club

Stall for National literacy Day where members gave out donated books on a variety of subjects to adults and children
toliet stickers
Handky Panky Stall at Pilton Festival
Roses to give out on International Women's Day
Mental awareness tree created by club members
Supporting a litter pick in Rock Park
Grand Draw raising funds for  K4K project
Dawn welcoming Barbara Lunt a new member at a social evening at Abbotsham
Members busy helping support the Barnstaple Carnival Committee by counting all the coins donated on Carnival Day
Club members visited to the see the new recycling arrangements for North Devon
Children in rural Zimbabwe receiving new pants provided by our Barnstaple knickers for Knowledge Project
Cecil Maule Oatway our longest serving member drawing out the winning ticket in our  Grand Raffle 2019
Caroline helping give out books at the National Literacy Book stall 2019
A tree was decorated to celebrate Mental Awareness Week
Say No to violence against women
Stall at Pilton Festival
A tree was decorated to celebrate mental Awareness Week
Knit and Natter raising money for North Devon Hospice 2019
International Women`s Day 2019
Mpumi from SI Bulawayo meeting with Amy Peake from 'Loving Humanity' viewing the machine we hope to buy them eventually.
Presenting Simon Higgins, South West area Manager of the Road Hauliers Association with anti -  trafficking toliet stickers to go in toliets at truck stops across the  UK
The Barnstaple Club raises funds for our joint 'Knickers for Knowledge' project with our Soroptimist friends at SI Bulawayo
Joan Collins joined the group of Soroptimists from the South West  with her daughter marching through Bristol to protest against domestic Violence
jenny is putting up regular Soroptimist  displays in local libaries
Supporting the elimination of violence against women



Soroptimist International of Barnstaple is part of the world’s largest service organisation for women. We welcome new members of all ages and from all walks of life, to join us and make a difference to the lives of women and girls.


Soroptimist means Best for Women – Soror for Sister and Optima meaning the best.

Some of the things we do:

Fund-raise for Water Aid


Take action against Domestic Abuse


Support our local Women’s Refuge


Raise awareness of Human Trafficking


Lobby for Change




Educate, Empower and Enable women and girls


We have no religious or political affiliation.