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What club friendship links does the Barnstaple club have ?

infographic showing a tree to show how the club is going to celebrate the centenary by planting 7 trees one for each of our friendship links

To celebrate the centenary we are going to plant 7 trees, one for each of our friendship links
The trees we have selected are:-

Two Hollies, two Rowan ( Mountain ash), a Small leaved Lime tree, a Silver Birch 
and an evergreen Holm Oak.

They were  planted at the beginning of October 2020 on the edge of a recently 
planted cider orchard on the edge of a conservation village three miles from

The Barnstaple and District Club has friendship links in;

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

 Bangor, Northern Ireland

 Geelong, Australia

 Skipton, Yorkshire

 Uelzen, Germany

Pune India

Harare Zimbabwe


SI Pune India The Soroptimist International Club of Poona was 
chartered with SIGBI in April 1991. Our first project was helping the 
Shanivar Wada School for Spastics started by one of our founder members. 
We now support Adult Spastics at SPACE Centre for Spastics. Our members 
are women drawn from different professions like IT, Medicine, Engineering, 
Education, Industry, Management, Social Work, Scientific Research. During 
the pandemic some members have visited the slum areas and distributed grains 
and other essentials to the need.  Many daily wage workers have lost their 
jobs due to the lockdown.  They have also made about 500 masks to distribute 
to the students of two village schools.  
SI BANGOR, N. IRELAND The Club was founded in 1946,
 the first meeting being held on the 26th March in Light body’s
 Cafe, Main Street Bangor. The inaugural Charter Dinner was held 
in the Royal Hotel, Bangor on 13th May 1946
They support many charities and initiatives with one of their main 
vents being the North Down Talking Newspaper.  Members record and 
send out about 100 CDs to the visually handicapped, with weekly
teams recording snippets from the Bangor Spectator. 
SI SKIPTON IN CRAVEN was chartered on the 9th December 1949, 
currently has 30 members and has been one of SI Barnstaple & District’s 
Friendship Link Clubs for well over 20 years. Meetings are held twice a
 month and themembers also have a lunch together on the 3rd Thursday of 
each month.
SI Skipton is fortunate in owning theirown club rooms as well as the two 
flats above these premises. Their meetings are held in these rooms and the
monthly lunch there is enjoyed by members and friends. The proceeds from 
these lunches go towards supporting local charities each Christmas. 
In addition to their community support by way of fund-raising, the club 
rooms canbe used up to three times per day by local charities or groups 
at very competitive rates and this adds to their service to the community, 
which is very important to the members of SI Skipton.

SI Harare  was chartered in 1955 on the 12th of March and it was the first,
 not only in Zimbabwe then Rhodesia but also in Africa.
We proudly uphold Soroptimist ideals advancing the cause 
of women and children in our communities, the country and 
internationally. We are part of more than 125 clubs i
 SI  UELZEN was founded on May 27, 2000 as the 120th Club
 of Soroptimist International Germany.To read more about the club 
and visit their website click here
( Translation available on their webpage)