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What did SI Bulawayo buy with the money we sent them from the Knickers for Knowledge project in Autumn 2021 ?

We have worked closely with SI Bulawayo on the ‘Knickers for Knowledge ‘ project for a number of years.

When conditions permit we will be ordering and exporting  the sanitary making machine that we have already raised the money for.

The money the club  raises here in Barnstaple, from the sale of second hand clothes, helps provide sanitary protection, pants and other essentials, helping keep girls in a school that the club supports in a remote rural area.

The money we sent them recently has been used for the latest delivery of pants to the little girls, oranges to all the learners and  sanitary towels to the older girls. Also the money paid for new uniforms for the netball teams, who can be seen with  their new flag.

Club member Irene bought them their last flag but sun/wind had wrecked it so they’ve been donated the money for the new one of which they are very proud.