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A Celebration of Membership: Part 2

Following the session on Friday, Claire Bell (Acting Federation Director of Membership) introduced us to more ways that members have kept connected during the pandemic.

Many Clubs have met via zoom – with the whole Club, but also some have met in smaller groups.  Many Clubs have also set up WhatsApp groups to keep in touch.  Picnics and groups of 6 members (more recently) have been a great way for Clubs to get everyone involved.  Phone groups have been invaluable for contacting members and making sure the most vulnerable stay safe and connected.  Many Clubs have held meetings with other Clubs online, not all in the UK!

Claire gave examples of how Clubs have responded to lockdown.

SI South Lancashire Region had submitted a video where each Club had shared their experiences.  From virtual days out at the races, cheese and wine evenings, sponsored walks and swims – these were some activities shared by several Clubs.  Some Clubs held social walks – where members can chat and exercise, instead of just meeting online.  Various Clubs had been active with crafts – putting together craft boxes.  Also Clubs have made scrubs, scrub bags and knitted hearts for local hospitals.

SI Canterbury, amongst other activities, arranged for members to send 3 thank you cards each to local care homes, thanking them for their hard work over lockdown.

SI Midland Chase Clubs have held virtual meetings like many others – but some Clubs themed their meetings, such as Art Appreciation.

SI Lancaster would normally have asked members to wear something orange to their meeting on 25 June, to take photos and raise awareness of Violence against Women issues.  However this year they had to do something different – each member had to submit a photo of either something orange or the member wearing something orange.  They then made these into a video which included information about Violence against Women and shared it online, to great results.

It just shows that some imagination and creativity can keep us all connected during these tough times.

Olein Webster
SI Surrey Hills