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Meet our new President Elect

President Helen installs Sharon as President Elect

President Helen was delighted to install Sharon Dixon as President Elect for 2018-2019.

Sharon, a management consultant, is a fairly new member to the Club and has already served as Membership Officer. She is looking forward to taking on the role of President next year and taking the Club forward towards our centenary.

President Helen presented Sharon with her badge of office together with a gold brooch, a replica of the Williamsburgh Mace. The brooch was bequeathed to SI Bridgend by a past member, Kathleen Snell. The brooch was given to Kathleen by members of SI Williamsburgh (in Virginia in the USA), one of Bridgend’s friendship links, when she visited the Club. President Helen explains, “Instead of letting the brooch hide away in its box, some years ago we decided to use it as the President Elect’s insignia – a lovely reminder of our friends in SI Williamsburg and a memory of a much respected member of SI Bridgend.”