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Greetings from Friends in Finland

One of Bridgend Soroptimist’s Friendship Links is Soroptimist International Uusikaupunki in Finland. As well as contact throughout the year regarding projects and general Soroptimist news, at Christmas we exchange festive greetings. Here’s what Paula said.“Our club’s tradition is to have dinner together and usually we have some young people singing or playing for us.

“This year we had a group of school boys performing an old (from the 16th century) play telling about the Three Wise Men and King Herod and the King of Mauritania and also how King Herod ordered all baby boys under two years old to be killed in order to have also the Baby Jesus to be killed among them. This play is called Tiernapojat which means Star Boys.

This tradition has awakened a lot of discussion lately due to the predicted racism in it – the face of King of Mauritania is being blackened in the play… but so has been done hundreds of years in the play – but times are changing…

May we wish our Soroptimist friends in Wales a very Happy Christmas!”