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Supporting Ukraine

SI Bridgend joins with SIGBI in recognising the distress of all women and girls in Ukraine. We wish to express our sympathy and our hope that the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 will be put into play by the UN. Read the full SIGBI statement at

Bridgend Soroptimists have also been supporting the people of Ukraine initially through the humanitarian aid convoys, collecting toiletries, clothing, blankets and other essential items for onward distribution to people in Ukraine.

As a club, SI Bridgend has also donated £500 through the Disaster Emergency Committee which is co-ordinating financial assistance to ensure the right provision of goods and services reaches those who need it as quickly as possible. This donation was increased to £750 by a generous donation from Immediate Past President  Sharon’s son, Liam’s company.

Further funds are being raised by selling  yellow and blue sunflowers and hearts crocheted by members Helen and Rayner. It is hoped that monies raised will be  directed through Soroptimist clubs in Poland and other countries neighbouring Ukraine to help provide on-the-ground support.