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Supporting Llamau

Sharon Dixon arranged a joint meeting between Bridgend Soroptimists, Llamau co-ordinator Bex and ladies from the refuge. The purpose of the meeting was to ascertain how SI Bridgend members could continue to support Llamau.

A very successful meeting generated lots of ideas. Firstly, items are still required – currently Llamau have asked for the following: single bedding, towels, cleaning materials, school uniforms (navy sweatshirts/jumpers/cardigans, grey trousers, red/white polo shirts), a bookcase (supplied immediately after the meeting) and garden furniture.

Sharon explained that Bridend members had a very wide range of skills and talents that they would like to share with the ladies. This was very well received and it was agreed that we would organise sessions on Confidence building, management of change, building self belief and self esteem, the preparation of healthy meals on a budget, pamper sessions, craft sessions to include knitting, literacy and numeracy skill development. These will roll out over the coming months as the project evolves.

The ladies were keen to hold joint ventures with members and it was suggested that we organise a beach clean which could also involve the children currently int eh refuge.

A cheque for £150 has subsequently been sent to Lamau from the club and will be used to purchase the garden furniture.

Thank you Sharon for a most productive meeting, we are eager to move forward with this initiative.