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Working Together in Friendship

President Gaynor and members of SI Bridgend were joined by members from SI Port Talbot, SI Neath and SI Swansea at a lunch in support of the bereavement charity, Cruse Morgannwg.

This was the fourth event in the collaboration between the four clubs to support this worthwhile charity. The guest speaker was Claire Horrex, Community Fundraising and Engagement Manager for Cruse for South Wales and the South West.

Claire gave a very interesting talk explaining that Cruse is a national charity with support from local groups of volunteers. In the last year Cruse has reached over 100,000 people across the UK. Since the pandemic, support is now generally provided by phone or video call which means that those seeking help get a quicker response. The charity also supports families at major incidents, including Grenfell, and has a helpline run by volunteers.

In 2022, Cruse Morgannwg supported 22,000 people, including 2,500 children. Support for children is always face-to-face and focuses on play.

Claire also dispelled some myths about grief. Whilst we all want grief to be a linear process from A to B that is not the case and it is much more haphazard, with no set process and no set timeframe. Everyone is different and there are no rights and wrongs in dealing with grief. For many of those reaching out to Cruse, they want to know that they are not alone and that how they are feeling is OK.

Claire thanked all four clubs for their support over the last few years. She was delighted that SI Bridgend’s fundraising Fashion Show in March is already sold out and wished us a successful event.

President Gaynor thanked everyone for attending, particularly those from other clubs. She said, “I am delighted that Bridgend members are continuing to participate in this joint venture. It is a great way to encourage collaboration and friendship between the clubs whilst raising money for such a worthwhile charity.”

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UPDATE: We’re delighted that this article was picked up by the Glamorgan Star and other local media