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13th November 2017 Lindy Tasker – Young Bristol

Lindy, has been chair of fundraising for an incredible 30 years forYoung Bristol which provides opportunities for 12,000 young people to help them overcome barriers and achieve their potential.

The charity was originally founded as Clubs for young boys aged 8 – 24 in 1928 by prisoners of war returning home with the aim of helping them to become responsible members of Society.

Now, it provides youth clubs and opportunities for girls and boys in addition to enabling young people to obtain National Citizen Service Awards. It holds a variety of watersporting opportunities in the city’s docks, an annual 100 mile canoe race on the River Wye and provides high ropes challenges at Kingcott Farm (just across the Suspension Bridge). All of which gives young people opportunities to explore, learn more about themselves and achieve something – perhaps for the first time in their lives.

Lindy told us or her heroic fundraising event, abseiling (for the first time!) from the top of the tallest hotel in the city – something she said she’d never do again!

She also, very amusingly, told us of receiving her MBE from Prince William at Windsor Castle where, somehow, the medal managed to get dropped requiring the future King to grovel on the floor at her feet to retrieve it!