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14th January 2019: Two Bristol Soroptimists entertain us

The first meeting of the new year was a real treat. We were entertained by two of our Bristol Soroptimists, Ruth and Pat

Ruth started her talk by asking “How many people write letters” – the response was very few!
She then went on to tell us that she has recently published a book of the letters she received from her Mother in the 1970’s.  Whilst at University she received weekly letters from her Mother 3-4 pages long.  She read some of them out and we were delighted her mother managed to amuse us with the way she managed the distance between her and Ruth.  This book is a social history of that era and gives an amusing and descriptive glimpse into normal family life.

The second member Pat spoke of her experience working with 4yr.old children for a BBC TV programme in 2017.
The film producers aware that loneliness can affect elderly people wanted to introduce a group of 4yr.old children into their lives and assess whether any improvements could be made.
Over a period of 6 weeks these visits were filmed and it became very obvious that a unique friendship was building.  The results were amazing, friendships were formed and 18 months later the children are still visiting on a regular basis.  This encounter brought happiness to all concerned.