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Trees are Planted Around Bristol to Celebrate SI Bristol’s Centenary

As part of our centenary celebrations we have had various tree projects during the year mainly led by Ivete and a further tree project led by Maureen.

The first tree was planted following a television documentary “The Queen’s Green Planet”.  The Queen and David Attenborough invited the public to plant a tree to contribute to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy  Ivete and her husband Reg, donated an English Oak tree to contribute to this venture and also as part of our centenary activities. The tree was planted in the autumn in the Muller Road Recreational Grounds, a relatively deprived area of Bristol.

The second planting was organised by Maureen through the Forest of Avon Trust.  SI Bristol dedicated 32 native trees to community woodlands.  One tree for each of our members and to celebrate our 100th anniversary.  In March President Marion, President Elect Sue P and Maureen met with two members of the Trust in a distanced manner to celebrate planting the trees.

A mix of hazel, field maple and guelder rose were planted between the Trusts Retrea Woodland  and Colliters Wood.

Further Tree Projects

We encouraged members to use Microsoft’s Ecosia search engine (similar to Google). Ecosia uses revenue from searches and clicks on adverts (no purchase is necessary) to plant trees where they are most needed visit:  On average it takes 45 Ecosia searches to plant one tree. By using Ecosia we contribute to reforesting our planet and empowering communities around the projects worldwide.

Finally, 100 trees for 100 years!  One way we celebrated SI Bristol’s centenary by raising awareness about the value of trees. On our social platforms we posted photographs of 100 trees, taken by Club members (Facebook [Soroptimist Bristol] and Twitter [si_bristol]). There were some unusual and beautiful trees on show!