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The Lord Mayor’s Medal for Lizzie

On the 17th May 2022, Lizzie C, our Communications Officer and Webmaster, was awarded the Lord Mayor’s medal for extraordinary longstanding and selfless volunteering. The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Bristol Councillor Steve Smith read the citation and gave Lizzie her medal and certificate.  


Lizzie has been a very active Soroptimist since 2008. As President of SI Bristol in 2013, she rose to the challenge set by SIGBI when they sought support for campaigning (in conjunction with the Prison Reform Trust) to reduce women’s imprisonment. She organised several events, finding her connections with Magistrates invaluable especially as the Lead Magistrate involved with the Eden House Women’s Project. She was also the principal organiser of the Gift Box in support of the charity Unseen.

Her other voluntary activities include involvement in Redland Junior High School including involvement with the annual surf camp.  She was a member and Chair of the Old Girl’s Guild, a Parent Governor and later a full Governor and Trustee of the school. When Redland High School and Red Maids’ School merged, Lizzie was instrumental in maintaining amicable cooperation.

Before she retired as Business Manager and Nursing Director of the Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine, she became a magistrate in the Bristol area.  Lizzie served on the Board of the BRI and as lead Governor was the spokesperson for the Governors to the Board of the newly formed Trust.  Lizzie also was chair of the Abbeyfield House committee for 5 Clyde Road.  Recently she volunteered to join the Western Counties Committee for Beneden Health where she currently is the secretary.

On top of all that she is always ready to support friends and neighbours and is a superb grandmother.  Lizzie has drive, tireless energy, enthusiasm to help others, a positive attitude and a warm personality. She has a rare depth of sympathy and inner strength that allows her to fulfil any commitment she chooses to take on.  Lizzie, congratulations on receiving this well-deserved award.