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Speaker Meeting 8th April 2024:  Sarah Watts, the CEO and founder of Alliance Leisure


25 Years of Transforming Leisure



We can all have some very set ideas about Leisure Centres, what they involve and who uses them.  Perhaps we think that only the fit and active among us use them!  Sarah’s talk, however, gave us a much wider insight into why, as a nation, we need to view Leisure in a far more holistic way and provide Centres that cater for all age groups with their many diverse needs and abilities to keep fit and stay healthy.

The key aim being to create a much healthier and active society.  Sarah referred to examples of where new-style Leisure Centres had become a community hub of health and wellbeing as they brought people together socially as well as actively.

At the end Bridget thanked Sarah and said  “Thank you for a fascinating talk this evening.  When I saw the title of the talk I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was certainly one of those who thought of sports centres as “boxes of sports” but you have shown us that what is important.  You have looked at what the community needs and what the community wants and then once that is established, how to engage the community.  Thank you again”.