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Friendship Links

Friendship Links are the Soroptimists’ way of linking with other Clubs worldwide to share projects and offer support and friendship.  

We do our best to join in for special events with our Friendship Links – see here.

Often in times of tragedy, such as the recent floods in Pakistan, Friendship Links are there offering help, financial aid and support where possible.

SI Coventry’s friendship links:

  1.  SI Arnhem  (The Netherlands) link established in 1950s
  2.  SI Cork  (Ireland))
  3.  SI Deakin  (Australia)
  4.  SI Ikeja  (Nigeria, Africa) link established in 1985-86
  5.  SI Dresden  (Germany) link established in 1992
  6.  SI St Etienne  (France) link established 2000
  7. SI Madurai (India) link established in 2015

SI Coventry also had links with:

  • SI White Rock (Canada) – links ceased when the club disbanded in 1970s
  • Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
  • Montana (USA)

Sadly the latter two links have also lapsed.