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How can mask extenders made by Soroptimist help?

Over recent weeks, Jane Barnes from SI Medway and Maidstone has been busy knitting 120 mask extenders.These mask extenders are useful when wearing face masks or face coverings for prolonged periods as they can alleviate painful rubbing and pressure around the back of the ear.

The mask extender is placed at the back of the head and the elastic from the mask is looped around the button at each end. It can ensure the wearer of the mask is comfortable and limit the temptation for them to touch or adjust the face mask when out and about.

The wearing of face masks has become compulsory in shops from 24 July and we are reminded that they are intended to protect others, not the wearer, against the spread of infection because they cover the nose and mouth, which are the main confirmed sources of transmission of virus that causes coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

Supplies of the mask extenders have already gone to be used with older residents at residential care homes in both Gravesend and Sheerness. In addition, they are being used by care and support staff at a new short-stay unit for children with mental health problems in Ashford.