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Our First ‘Virtual’ Meeting

First 'Virtual' Meeting


We had our first Zoom committee meeting on 29th May – a bit of a milestone in the Region’s history.   The verdict was that it was a great success!

President Rose would be the first to admit that she is not at all ‘tech-savvy’, so she was delighted that everything went smoothly.  The most important outcome was that everyone found it easy to participate in sharing views and ideas for the future.

Lockdown has forced us all to adopt new technologies.   We are beginning to learn new skills and discovering it is not so scary after all!

Of course, virtual meetings can never replace social gatherings.  However, there are definitely benefits in terms of cost and convenience to conducting some  business meetings ‘remotely’

If you would like to hold a virtual meeting but feel you need some guidance here are some handy tips to help you.