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Regional President’s Message – July 2021

President Margaret is in a summery mood with her Regional President’s Message – July 2021…Hello there everyone,

There is a lot for cautious optimism around now that restrictions are more relaxed and I hope you will all begin to feel better for it.  Throughout the year your Club activities have continued with gusto and I salute you ladies for your continued efforts.  You really do make a real difference for the better.

Whilst Zoom training and meetings still persist it is good to hear of some Clubs being able to meet again.  It’s great to feel we are getting back into the swing of things. We are now of course being besieged by reminders from SIGBI to sign up for their Llandudno Conference in October and the SI Conference too, not to mention the SI Convention in July 2023 which is being held in Dublin!

Regional President’s Message – July 2021 - Gin & TonicOn a lighter note SIGBI are delighted to announce not only No.67 Gin but also SIGBI Wines available from the Online Shop.  They are also producing lots of Digital Banners because of our Centenary – a SIGBI banner, a History banner, a Climate Change banner, a Tree Planting banner, a The Future banner and of course an SI banner.  These will also be available to Clubs at Conference and Online.

On the Home Front it is good to know that the new Domestic Abuse Bill could include our Clause accepting Self Defence when victims try to defend themselves with what is deemed a weapon.  It’s great that mothers can now sign their off springs’ wedding vows as well as the father. Equal Pay awards are springing up here and there too, mostly in the media industry but at least women are getting a better deal now.

Regional President’s Message – July 2021 - Sign LanguageIt was exciting to read that a group of schoolgirls aged 11 – 16 years have scooped £20,000 in Amazon’s technology contest.  They created an application that translates British Sign Language into Speech and Speech into BSL.  How fantastic is that?! 

Regional President’s Message – July 2021 - Japan Olympic Rings


In sport the England Women’s Football Team won in Europe,  England’s women cricketers have also performed brilliantly, and who knows what Team GB will win at the Tokyo Olympics?

Club Charter Dinners are now being arranged and I look forward to attending and reporting on them.

The dates are all here:

May you all enjoy the bright weather and look forward to a better future.


In friendship