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New Members

Recently, we have had an astonishing SEVEN new members join Neath Soroptimists since MAY!  if we can recruit 7 in less than 5 months, I wonder what we can achieve in the months to come!

Left to Right : Kate Thomas, Merry Hamer, Susan Darney, President Linda, Teryl Stoneman, Andrea Partington, Hilary Morgan and Carolyn Wheeler



IMG_5597                                                  Carolyn Wheeler and Kate Thomas being welcomed by Janet Jean with onlooker Emma Myles

8th May 2017




Teryl Stoneman, Hillary Morgan, Andrea Partington and Merry Hamer (left to right) being welcomed by Lynda Williams.

12th June 2017


Susan Darney being welcomed by Lynda Williams with her mentor Olive Newton OBE

24th July 2017