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Friendship Links

S.I Neath has Friendship links with four clubs across the world –

  • Carnforth
  • Montlucon in France
  • Eugene in U.S.A.
  • Targoviste in Romania.

Exchange visits have been made and representatives of all clubs have tried to be involved in commemorating  important milestones in each club’s history.


A meeting of friends at the International Convention – two each from Carnforth and Neath




Members of Eugene send their best wishes






Neath and Montlucon have exchanged visits on several occasions. Here both clubs are dressed in their best for a Gala evening in France.

















Our newest link is with S.I. Targoviste. We have exchanged visits and co-operated on a project.


S.I.Neath raised £5000 towards a project initiated and organised by S.I.Targoviste to improve the sanitation and toilet facilities in a school in a deprived area near Targoviste. S.I.Eugene was also involved and fortunately governnment help has now been forthcoming so it is hoped the project  will be completed in July 2012.


We are hoping to visit both France and Romania in 2012 as both Montlucon and Targoviste have important birthday celebrations.



Friendship links do not only mean having fun with people of other nationalities. They provide an insight into different cultures, encourage empathy and opportunities for co-operation. Visits provide the chance to experience other customs and to appreciate the beauty of each country and the friendliness of the people.