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Soroptimist International of Northern Ireland and the Royal Osteoporosis Society joint conference

Killymoon Golf Club, in Cookstown, Co Tyrone: 8/5/24

Delegates who attended this first province wide conference on Wednesday 8th May were given up to date information on What to Eat, What to Take and How to Move.

Thanks to Craig Jones CEO for the Royal Osteoporosis Charity, the UK’s largest national charity which is dedicated to improving bone health and beating osteoporosis, who welcomed everyone by way of recorded address.


Vi Bowler, Theresa Nixon SI Bangor, Fiona Presho, Vera Niblock and Joan Rogan

Our keynote speaker, Professor David Armstrong, Consultant Rheumatologist , Western Health Trust gave a comprehensive overview on the types of medication currently in use to either slow down bone loss or increase bone density.

Sadly, in the follow up Q&A session several delegates expressed concern regarding treatment on their Osteoporosis diagnosis.

Professor Armstrong currently hosts the very popular and educational Podcast ‘Bone Up’.

He is a great activist and supporter for the Royal Osteoporosis Society.

Sandra Crawford, Senior physiotherapist, with the Southern Trust encouraged us all to be more physically active in everyday life, especially with weight bearing exercise.

Jumping, skipping, dancing, walking, and sitting less was the message to take home.

Joy Whelan, Specialist Dietician with the Western Trust , tested our knowledge on healthy eating using the Who Wants to be a Millionaire game show approach.

This was most entertaining and enlightening and showed up the gaps in our knowledge.

A display table demonstrated a full range of foods needed daily for good bone health.

The Belfast Volunteers explained the need for more support teams across N.I

Several delegates expressed an interest in becoming involved and this will be followed up.

Theresa Nixon from Soroptimist International, Bangor gave the vote of thanks and shared some information about Soroptimist International and their work in educating, enabling and empowering women and girls at home and abroad.

Soroptimists stand up for women and girls and this conference on Osteoporosis highlights an opportunity for members to lobby on behalf of The Royal Osteoporosis Society and help bring about changes in service provision.

Early education in primary schools and promoting sport for young women will ensure that this generation will achieve maximum bone density on reaching adulthood.

For more information about Osteoporosis please contact to download resources or phone 01761471771 to obtain copies in the post.

andra Crawford Physio. Joy Whelan Dietician and Professor Dr David Armstrong