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SI Belfast

Monthly Meetings

The Soroptimist Belfast club meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 19:30 at Knock Golf Club.

New Members Welcome

New members will be most welcome. Please send a message to us via our Facebook page. @soroptimistbelfast

Executive Members 2019-20

Yvonne Molyneaux, Elaine Molyneaux (Club President-shared), Anne Orr (Immediate Past President), Ceclia Boyle,


Executive Members 2018-19

Anne Orr (Club President), Sharon Hall (Immediate Past President), Ceclia Boyle, Yvonne Molyneaux, Elaine Molyneaux, Doreen Tennis, Diane Koplewsky, Alice Chapman, Patricia Corrigan, Cathy O’Neill.


Executive Members 2017-18

Sharon Hall (Club President), Yvonne Molyneaux (Immediate Past President), Elaine Molyneaux, Anne McBride, Helen Pallin, Doreen Tennis, Avril Downey, Anne Orr, Cathy O’Neill, Julie Andrews and Joan Houston.


Executive Members 2016-17

The Belfast Club had a very successful 2016-2017. Read the highlights in the Belfast Club Annual Report 2016-17.

Please view the link to see more information about our Belfast Club Info on Belfast Club